Tethered UAV – High-T

Product Description

Introducing High-T

Rugged Tethered Station for Drones

High-T is a compact and robust tethered station for drones. Designed for demanding missions in all environments, it offers continuous aerial observation capabilities to:

  • Law Enforcement / Police forces
  • Firefighters
  • Security Companies
  • Emergency First Responders

High-T has been built for the field, and is based on Elistair proprietary micro-tether technology.

Hight - tethered station - drone for surveillance
tethered drone for security and surveillance

Compact But Powerful

Drones are know to be easily transportable, quick to deploy, and flexible. Tethered stations should be too. That’s why we created this compact, simple, but powerful solution:

  • Output Power: up to 1500W
  • Unhackable Data Connection
  • Micro-tether length: 50 meters
  • All-weather: IP65 rating
  • Smart Safety Battery Device

HIGH-T enables you to tether/untether your drone at will, in the blink of an eye, with its smart Onboard Module replacing your battery.

Micro-Tether technology

High-T is based on Elistair micro-tether proprietary technology. Extremely light, it offers key assets to your drone operations :

  • Unlimited and reliable power supply
  • Safer flights thanks to its kevlar core
  • Unhackable communications / video / control

Thanks to its unique Watt / Gram ratio, it enables you to transform your standard battery-powered drone into a tethered-power aircraft with extended capabilities, for long-staring missions.

High-T, tethered station for police drone


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