Micro UAV NX110m

he NX110m is specially designed for the dismounted soldier. Fast and easy to use by a single operator.

Product Description

Micro UAV NX110m

The NX110m is specially designed for the dismounted soldier. Fast and easy to use by a single operator. The NX110m is modular due to its removable payload and therefor it can be used in various missions like:

  • Close-range reconnaissance: Real time decision making, day and night information gathering
  • Mapping: Geo-referenced pictures and video recording
  • IED location: Detection and identification of improvised explosive devices
  • Combat in urban areas: stationary surveillance, search of shooter

Save time

The NX110m folding structure, reduced mass and a compact size make it easy to transport. The NX110m fast deployment and ease to use guarantee a fast set up of the system.

The soldier remote eye

The NX110m offers the dismounted troops with a helicopter view and/or a more accurate view of the situation. It’s a real time ‘extended eye’ of the soldier and thefore the NX110m contributes to the soldiers capabilities and their safety.

The NX110m consist of the following items:

  • A tactical kit : two drones / control centre / software / associated equipments
  • A complete training: theoretical and practical
  • Maintenance in operational condition : spare parts kit, technical support
  • Novadem provides a scalable complete solution to meet the defence markets’ requirements. Our unique expertise guarantees the solution highest level of technology.


The NX110m was specifically developed depending on the military prerogatives. Its design is entirely thought to fully adapt to the troops needs on the field. Its features provide an efficiency of use from the drone transportation to the achievement of the mission.

Intuitive and assisted piloting

Simple and safe, the NX110m requires no specific skill to be piloted. A short training ensures the mastery of the drone to the operators.

The drone control is made via an ergonomic and touch screen ground station for a very intuitive handling of the piloting. Assisted by the Navsense autopilot, the drone navigation is fully automated, allowing the operator to stay focused on its mission.

The NX110m solution offers a great comfort and an unmatched ease of use, even in emergency situation.

Adaptable to each mission

Arranged at the front of the drone, the gyro-stabilized payload gives the NX110m the ability to observe in the whole space. This 360° vision provides an overall reading of the situation to get a maximum of information.

Easily interchangeable, the payload is removable without any tools. The proposed range is:

  • Day camera : Super HAD CCD sensor, optical zoom x10
  • LWIR camera : 384 x 288 or 640 x 480 uncooled microbolometer
  • Various sensors: Gas, Radiation meter, Spectrometer…

We also ensure the design and industrialization of tailor-made payload. Do not hesitate to contact us for specific requests.

Robust and secure transmission

The NX110m includes an all digital solution of radiofrequency transmission for both control of the drone and return video. This solution of digital transmission provides a matchless quality of transmission thanks to a proprietary technology of forward error correction (FEC), which ensures the signal continuity in difficult situations.

To guarantee the transmission reliability, two distinct ISM frequency bands are being used. Novadem has developed its own solution of digital video encoding, which allows the company to guarantee the best performances in the transmission chain: low latency, forward error correction (FEC), proprietary protocol…

Do not waste a second

Some interventions require an extreme reactivity from the soldiers. This is why the NX110m has a unique ergonomic (patented system) ensuring its immediate availability. Folded and protected in its transport cylinder, the NX110m easily unfolds, without any tools.

The time interval between the order of intervention and the first in flight observations is minimum. The deployment is achieved in less than two minutes.

Carry in complete safety

Aware of the field reality, where the transport phase of the drone can represent a major part of the mission time, Novadem focused on facilitating the material transport.

The entire system can be carried on man’s back, by a single soldier, on long-distances thanks to a low mass and compact size. The NX110m reduced space use makes it easily transportable whatever the means of transportation are and only represents small volume in a vehicle.


For the purpose of increased autonomy, the power supply device by NXWIRE cable replaces the NX110m battery to fly without interruption. This will allow you to perform nonstop stationary flights at a distance of 30m from the ground.