Inflatable waterproof vtol micro uas

The Diodon is a drone with inflatable arms. Not only does the inflatable limbs make it a lot easier to transport, after all, it also allows it to safely land on water, as the air-filled arms will leave it buoyant enough to float as it waits to be retrieved. They also inflate fast, allowing you to simply attach it to an air pump and be ready to fly within a couple of minutes. The Diodon comes in three versions: SP20, MP40, and HP150. They are all waterproof, so you can’t just land this on water, but even fly it in the rain. Each of the drones, by the way, vary in size, payload capacity, and endurance, so you can get the exact one you need to fulfil your specific requirements.

Product Description

DIODON Drone Technology offers the DIODON family, a family of drones able to carry a wide variety of sensors, even the heaviest ones.



  • Available payload : HD EO/IR camera
  • Folded : 200x200x100 mm
  • Unfolded : 600x600x100 mm
  • Endurance : up to 20 min



  • Available payload : HD EO/IR camera on 2-axis stabilized gimbal
  • Folded : 300x300x150 mm
  • Unfolded : 800x800x150 mm
  • Endurance : up to 30 min



  • Available payload : HD EO/IR camera on 3-axis stabilized gimbal, custom sensors
  • Folded : 400x400x200 mm
  • Unfolded : 1500x1500x200 mm
  • Endurance : up to 35 min

BSS Holland_Diodon inflatable vtol drones


  • Waterproof
  • Wind resistance : 20 kts
  • Unfolding time : ‹60s
  • Folding time : ‹60s


  • Compact and rugged ground station
  • Compact electric pump
  • Quick battery charger
  • Special transport bag

The DIODON ground control station

• Waterproof, compact, rugged
• Video downlink and GPS position displays
• Touchscreen and joystick controls
• AES 128 encrypted link
• Up to 2Km range
• 2 hours of battery life

The DIODON offer includes:

• Replacement battery pack with a charger
• On-field maintenance kit
• A dedicated transport bag, MOLE ready
• (Optional) A waterproof travel hard-case, resistant, it gives the possibility to transport your DIODON and its accessories everywhere

The quick charger case : Non-stop operations are possible thanks to the optional quick charger case and three external batteries. Once connected to a power supply, the quick charger will charge two batteries while the third operates in the DIODON.


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