Aeryon Skyranger sUASAeryon Skyranger sUAS

Aeryon Skyranger sUAS

Aeryon SkyRanger the benchmark for VTOL sUAS
The Aeryon SkyRanger R60 UAS, airframe and integrated platform, is based on successful customer exercises and missions around the world. Ideal for commercial, public safety and military applications, the SkyRanger offers:
  • Up to 50 minute flight time
  • Single operator transport and deployment, no launch or recovery equipment
  • Reliable flight performance in demanding environments and high winds
  • Integrated payloads and software solutions

This Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) sUAS enables:

  • Continuous eyes-on-target
  • Operations in confined or hard-to-reach environments
  • Low-risk launch and retrieval without peripheral equipment

The SkyRanger is suited for both land and maritime applications.

Atlas Pro UASAtlas Pro UAS

Atlas Pro UAS

The Atlas Pro UAS is a versatile high-end platform for multiple VLOS and BVLOS professional scenarios. The drone is fully autonomous and can also be operated in an easy to use semi-autonomous mode. It allows for multi-use-case via the versatile exchangeable payloads and can work in any condition. The Atlas OS allows for full integration between the drone and 3rd party systems and enables connectivity between drones.


Our proprietary drone solution is made in Europe and provides unprecedented capabilities such as:


  • Mesh Network for command and control of multiple drones
  • Fully autonomous OS
  • Integration to users’ closed system via SDK
  • Extended 55 min flight time
  • 50 KM range
  • 140 km/h
  • Operation in extreme weather (IP52, 18m/s winds, 6000m AMSL)
  • Compact and highly durable carbon platform
Inflatable waterproof vtol micro uas

Inflatable waterproof vtol micro uas

The Diodon is a drone with inflatable arms. Not only does the inflatable limbs make it a lot easier to transport, after all, it also allows it to safely land on water, as the air-filled arms will leave it buoyant enough to float as it waits to be retrieved. They also inflate fast, allowing you to simply attach it to an air pump and be ready to fly within a couple of minutes. The Diodon comes in three versions: SP20, MP40, and HP150. They are all waterproof, so you can’t just land this on water, but even fly it in the rain. Each of the drones, by the way, vary in size, payload capacity, and endurance, so you can get the exact one you need to fulfil your specific requirements.

Micro UAV Novadem NX70Micro UAV Novadem NX70

Micro UAV Novadem NX70

The NX70 drone provides first responders with a highly mobile remote eye for tactical intelligence and operations monitoring.

Micro UAV NX110mMicro UAV NX110m

Micro UAV NX110m

he NX110m is specially designed for the dismounted soldier. Fast and easy to use by a single operator.

Mini UAS IndagoMini UAS Indago

Mini UAS Indago

Indago mini UAS – operational within a few minutes, controlled by one person, with 45 minutes of flying time, multiple payloads and a range of between 2-20 km depending on the used transmission system. Ideal for maritime operations and in support of tactical teams.

Tethered UAVs – Safe-TTethered UAVs – Safe-T

Tethered UAVs – Safe-T

Safe-T is an industrial smart tethered station for UAVs, offering real-time semi-persistent observation and surveillance capabilities thanks to its patented micro-tether. The system is especially suited for:

  • Persistent Aerial Surveillance
  • Temporary Telecommunications
  • Industrial Inspection

Designed for the most demanding missions, SAFE-T has been approved for tethered flights by an official rule-making body; the DGAC (French civil aviation).