• Robert Breedveld
    Robert Breedveld Managing partner

    Studied as a Navy Officer at the Royal Netherlands Naval College where he graduated in International Relations in 1998. He subsequently fulfilled various positions in the Marine Corps, including a command position at the Special Forces. His last position at the Navy was Operation Officer at the Royal Navy headquarters in Den Helder in 2007. Robert has lived and worked in several countries, which means he has developed a strong international orientation. Due to his extensive background, experience and specialism, he is an interesting partner for his clients, with whom he focuses on innovative concepts, products and programs in the defense and homeland security m

  • Hans Kooistra
    Hans Kooistra Managing partner

    Founding partner of the nextpractice institute. Until March 2009 he was director and co-owner of VisionWaves consultancy. Before this Hans was General Manager Central Europe and Nordic at Portrait Software. In 1997 he joined the Benelux organization of Staffware in the start-up phase and ten folded the turnover in 8 years. In 2004 American BPM vendor Tibco took over Staffware. At Staffware/Tibco he was a member of the Executive Board, his last position was that of Vice President and Regional Director Benelux Tibco. For that time Hans had several sales and marketing management positions at Bull, Rank Xerox and Proost and Brandt.

  • Frank Woodcock
    Frank Woodcock Associated partner Germany

    Frank Woodcock is a business professional and highly accurate product and production manager. His experience is sourced on being a professional over many years in well-recognised companies for automation, security and defence. His professional domains have been business development, project-management, offset compensation and integrated logistic support (ILS). Throughout his professional life Frank built up a clear understanding regarding the commercial and operational needs of clients and users within the security and defence market. Based on his sustainable network developed over two decades of business life and his experience and expertise Frank sees it as his obligation to enable his clients and partners to participate and benefit from his knowledge and experience.

  • Glenn Brown
    Glenn Brown Associated partner UK

    Glenn joined the British Army at the age of 17 as a Trooper, and enjoyed a varied career serving in many different theatres both home and abroad, mostly focused on Reconnaissance and Armour roles, rising through the ranks over 31 years’ service to become a Major. After concluding studies in Advanced Information Systems at the Royal Military College of Science, Glenn became a member of the Bowman (Battlefield Management System) implementation team and served his final 4 years as a Technical Officer, providing liaison between Industry and the User in several key Defence Programs.  Once he left the Army in 2007, he became a Program Manager at Thales before moving on to Business Development with Honeywell. He has since been the managing director of three successful high-tech start-up companies in the Hereford area over the past 6 years, but is now an independent Defence and Security consultant.

  • Warren Schmelzer
    Warren Schmelzer Associated partner BSS South Africa

    Warren graduated from the University of Port Elizabeth in 1984 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Business Economics and Industrial Psychology. An entrepreneur and astute businessman, Warren has held management positions in the financial , and FMCG industries where as Regional General Manager he won numerous sales & marketing awards. In 1994 he purchased an electrical manufacturing company in South Africa and in 1996 established an anti-ageing clinic in Perth Australia. In 2004 due to market indicators he established a security equipment supply company. His specialized management skills , problem solving abilities and business acumen has enabled him to provide innovative solutions for clients in Africa & the Middle East . He has traveled widely both for business as well as for sport, representing his country at yachting. Warren is based in Brits and operating for BSS in South Africa and neighboring countries.

  • Ahmed Nasr
    Ahmed Nasr Associated partner MENA

    Ahmed Nasr studied information technology and management in Cairo and graduated from the University in 2002. After that he obtained a master’s degree in systems engineering and a doctorate in administration in 2010. Has worked in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa like Egypt, Sudan and the Gulf states such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia with major companies, organizations and government sectors, including universities and Arab banks. Ahmed has extensive experience in management, information technology, crisis and disaster management, training and simulation. He participated in many scientific conferences and has published many specialized articles in a number of Arab newspapers. Ahmed is based in Kuwait and is responsible for the operations of BSS in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Zaki Quershey
    Zaki Quershey Associate partner MENA

    Zaki Qureshey – Founder and Chairman of Homeland Security Solutions (HLSS) is an independent computer security and digital intelligence consultant specializing in curbing Cyber Crimes & Cyber Terrorism. He has done extensive research on Network Security concentrating on social engineering to detect hackers and he is an authority on network security. His illustrious career spanning over two decades has been enriched with key assignments at prominent national and international organizations that include Computer information Technology and Union Carbide to name a few.

    Dr. Qureshey has been a strong advocate of information Security as the key to a more secure world during these testing times when Business, Governments and organizations across the world have been facing huge IT threats that have at times threatened to destroy countries and commerce. He has helped establish a progressive IT enterprise that is in sync with the Demands of the 21st century and has been a harbinger of IT Security ever since inception. He has been spearheading a Campaign for greater awareness on information security through Extensive workshops/seminars across the world and is credited with transforming IT security into a more visible and imperative need.

  • Harley O’Neill
    Harley O’Neill Associated partner USA

    As a third generation submariner, he served in the US Navy on a 637-class fast attack submarine, the USS Narwhal 671. After military service, directing advanced laboratory research, designing Super yachts, selling personal luxury submarine manufacturing and formulating next generation coatings had become a refined focus in his global business developments. Harley has traveled the world for many years working with various governments and military groups, which ultimately resulted in him becoming a Monaco and Croatian resident in order to strategically manage his overall market position.

  • Ajay Sharma
    Ajay Sharma Associated partner India

    Ajay is an executive with 23 years experience in Investments, Sales, Strategy formulation & execution, Technical and financial leadership, Legal & M&A in global markets in diverse cultures of European, Middle east, China and India. Ajay has grown companies and served in senior executive management positions in Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei and Tech Mahindra and successfully secured large deals for them. Ajay’s Experience in Cross industry of Telecom, Security, HealthCare, Investment Banking, global outsourcing, Innovative & high Tech industry places him for right business understanding and cross breeding.

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