Mini UGV Nerva LG

he NERVA LG is a mini multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) which can be used for different applications.

Product Description

The NERVA LG is a mini multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) which can be used for different applications like; reconnaissance missions, as an EOD platform, CBRNe detection platform, smoke generator, transportation platform, etc.

The main advantages of this system are the ability to use different payloads easily, the open architecture in order to use the software on any device and being able to add any third party equipment and finally the ability to amend the product based on customer requirements.

Thus, beyond its extreme robustness (throwable, fully waterproof), NERVA® LG can be easily controlled from any standard PC, tablet or smartphone; it proposes semi-autonomous capabilities to reduce operator’s workload, such as way-point navigation or automatic back homing when mission is completed. The NERVA® LG platform can be equipped with a large set of standard or dedicated payloads: For example, the reconnaissance version is proposed with thermal infrared camera (8-12µ), panoramic day vision (360°) and general interconnection block (Ethernet, USB, video) to equip the robotic platform with any equipment compliant with these widely available standards.

What are the main differences with comparable products available on the market?

• Speed (15 km/hr)
• Longe range radio (1 km)
• Open man-machine interface
• Waterproof (IP67)
• 360 degrees on board vision
• Shock resistant
• Operation time (2 hrs)
• Quick replacement concept – batteries, wheels and payloads
• Price

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Key features

System level

  • Remotely operated system including control station and platform (with integrated observation and reconnaissance capabilities: Video and audio) with pre-equipment for operating a large panel of additional payloads
  • Can be used by dismounted personnel or from any vehicle (low integration constraints)
  • Can be easily operated from any standard equipment (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)
  • Long radio range
  • Long mission duration
  • Quick start
  • Semi-autonomous capabilities
  • Support harsh conditions (temperature, humidity, vibrations and shocks)
  • Extremely short training time (a few minutes)


  • Ultra robust (shock resistant, waterproof)
  • High speed
  • Equipped with 360° vision and microphone
  • GPS, inertial sensor and compass on-board
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces to operate a large panel of additional standard or dedicated payloads
  • “1-click” concept to replace wheels, batteries and payloads on the field (no tool required)
  • Black or sand colour in standard versions (other colours possible on request)
  • Pictures (illustration purpose)
  • Volume dedicated to integrated payloads

Control station

Control software can be installed on any Windows, Linux or IOS equipment (ie: PC, Tablet, Smartphone); it means that it is not necessary to buy dedicated control station.
If preferred, NERVA LG Robotic System can be delivered with a dedicated control station.