Micro UAV Novadem NX70Micro UAV Novadem NX70

Micro UAV Novadem NX70

The NX70 drone provides first responders with a highly mobile remote eye for tactical intelligence and operations monitoring.

Micro UAV NX110mMicro UAV NX110m

Micro UAV NX110m

he NX110m is specially designed for the dismounted soldier. Fast and easy to use by a single operator.

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro



DJI Mavic Pro – micro UAV – is an ideal platform to start using to get awareness on the added value of micro UAVs for tactical units. It is easy to use and will provide you with immediate feedback what micro UAVs do to your general situational awareness and your TTP’s.

Mini UAS IndagoMini UAS Indago

Mini UAS Indago

Indago mini UAS – operational within a few minutes, controlled by one person, with 45 minutes of flying time, multiple payloads and a range of between 2-20 km depending on the used transmission system. Ideal for maritime operations and in support of tactical teams.

Tethered UAVs – Safe-TTethered UAVs – Safe-T

Tethered UAVs – Safe-T

Safe-T is an industrial smart tethered station for UAVs, offering real-time semi-persistent observation and surveillance capabilities thanks to its patented micro-tether. The system is especially suited for:

  • Persistent Aerial Surveillance
  • Temporary Telecommunications
  • Industrial Inspection

Designed for the most demanding missions, SAFE-T has been approved for tethered flights by an official rule-making body; the DGAC (French civil aviation).