Counter wifi UAV solution – Drone BlockerCounter wifi UAV solution – Drone Blocker

Counter wifi UAV solution – Drone Blocker

A full-stack counter-Wifi-UAV solution, from detection to neutralization. For Wi-Fi drones (Parrot Bebop, ArDrone, 3DR Solo) and hybrid Radiofrequency/Wi-Fi drones (some DJI Phantom, Yuneec Typhon, Blade Q350), DroneBlocker offers extensive capacities from detection, localization, identification to neutralization – connection breaking and in some cases remote control over the drone.

UAS detection and verification systemUAS detection and verification system

UAS detection and verification system

BSS developed an integrated solution for detecting and verifying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at several kilometers distance (4-8km). The solution can be delivered as a stand alone system or as a mobile system (integrated into a vehicle