Emergency oxygen systemEmergency oxygen system

Emergency oxygen system

The O2PAK TM Chemical Oxygen Generator  is a non-explosive, single-use oxygen source for use by armed forces within seconds of injury. The rugged and lightweight hand-held Oxygen Generator  is small enough to fit in a standard military backpack. It has been designed to be activated within seconds, even in the most challenging or stressful situations, and delivers pure oxygen for extended duration, increasing chances of survival and recovery in cases of life-threatening injury.

Heads-up on-the-move augmented reality technology – ARC4Heads-up on-the-move augmented reality technology – ARC4

Heads-up on-the-move augmented reality technology – ARC4

The ARA-developed ARC4 is outdoor on-the-move augmented reality (AR) technology that delivers heads-up situational awareness to the dismounted warfighter. Rather than looking down at a 2D map or smartphone device, the soldier sees virtual icons (e.g., navigation waypoints, blue forces, aircraft) overlaid on his real-world view. ARC4 is an AR fusion engine that incorporates advanced head tracking sensors and algorithms, network management software, and an intuitive user interface to overlay iconic information on the user’s environment. ARC4 integrates with daytime see-through displays and night-vision goggles.

Trigger pouch – Rheinmetall FLASH BANGTrigger pouch – Rheinmetall FLASH BANG

Trigger pouch – Rheinmetall FLASH BANG

Why the Trigger Pouch is better than Conventional Pouch

1. The Trigger pouch is 6 times faster action.

2. Provides the solder confidence to use the grenade.

3. One hand needed to extract flash-bang grenades.

4. Safer than a conventional pouch.